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What is Heat Storm heat technology?

We are dedicated to superior design and functionality. As our heaters became more intelligent and functional we needed a way to quickly describe what makes them so unique. We are proud to introduce heat³ [pronounced: heat cube]. There are three parts of heat³, the heart of our indoor heaters:


Our goal was to make as small of a quartz infrared heating engine as possible. This presented quite a challenge as quartz infrared elements reach temperatures exceeding 2000° F. The challenge was to design an engine that did not transfer heat from the internal exchanger to the outer chamber. By accomplishing this goal heat³ ensures that virtually all heat is blown into the room instead of being absorbed by the body of the heater. This means a warmer room quicker. A small exchanger is also a great benefit to design. There are so many more configuration options available once we successfully reduced the size of our exchanger.


Our second goal was to make our heaters as energy efficient as possible. We did this by increasing the amount of data that heat³ analyzes to improve electrical usage. For example, quite often once heat³ reaches the desired temperature for a space it will use only half power to maintain that temperature. This feature reduces power spikes and extreme temperature fluctuations. heat³ is also intelligent enough to know when to slow its fan so that the air stays in the heat chamber for a longer period of time. heat³ can raise temperatures in a zone as cold as freezing (32°F or 0°C) up to a desired temperature such as 72° F (22° C) when other electric heaters could not. This is unprecedented in space heating. 


Often when you look at a space heater you can visually see their red hot wires. This means their heating element is exposed. Heat Storm heaters not only enclose their heating elements inside of quartz tubes with ceramic ends, but they also enclose the quartz infrared tube inside of a steel chamber. You can rest assured that your home and family are safe with Heat Storm Infrared Heaters featuring heat³.